I have them! I have them! That is what Kelli was hollering as she came through the screen door. My mother thought there was a fire as Kelli was creating such a noise. The fact is we had worried the personalized napkins we had ordered may not make it in time for the wedding. George had wanted to have them at his reception to surprise his fiance. He heard her talking about them just a few days before and knew she would love to have them. She was trying to stay within their tight wedding budget so she had to mark them off of her list of options. When we ordered them customer service said that they may not be able to get them out in time. We decided to take that chance. The girl on the phone understood how vital these napkins were to George so she said she would try to push them through but she made no promises. You should have seen the face on his fiance when she entered the reception hall and there on the tables were the custom napkins. Her eyes searched the room for George as he stood smiling just enjoying her happiness. It is moments like that which remind me they are the perfect pair.