Penny has always been one to do shocking things. Since we were little she would be the attention grabber no matter what it was. If I fell and hurt myself Penny would be the one to tell the story so everyone was focused on her. I do not know what makes her want attention so much. Now here she is married to a man that she has known for just days. I am standing in our dining room listening to our parents discuss what to do holding one of the wedding favors she brought back for her brother and myself. The snow globes are really nice but to be reminded of this moment is probably not a great idea. Of course it does occur to me that this marriage could actually last. We do live really close to his family. In their defense they said they will be able to get to know each other during the honeymoon phase of the marriage. They liked the mystery part about the whole thing and I see their point in a small way. However I also see the disappointment on my parent’s faces. I can not imagine what his parents are going to think as well. They came to our home first but they still have an entire other home to off balance with this news. In a way I feel sorry for them. They do actually seem happy.

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