It has been at least three years since my daughter had her wedding. For her wedding favors she gave seashells that had the most beautiful fragrance. Her wedding was a beach themed wedding so the shells were a perfect idea to follow her theme. I have them placed in my guest bathroom because I have a blue color theme in that room which went well with the shells. They still have the same fragrance they had three years ago. I read an article saying you can store them in a sealed bag for a few months and they will once again retain their fragrance. If they ever stop having this scent I will do that to save them but as of yet they are still just as fresh as they were three years ago. I was glad that my daughter thought to give us one of her favors when she passed them out. I did not think about it as we packaged them but she made certain everyone had some. Each time I see them I am reminded of what a special daughter I have and how proud I am of both of them for having such a strong marriage. I am certain they have disagreements but to see them together you would think they never disagree on anything. As a parent I could not ask for anything more. I think part of their strength is they made certain they were ready to commit to each other before they were married. They both took it seriously and committed to each other for a lifetime.