We all know how important the wedding invitations are. They are, after all, the first thing that your guests will see regarding your wedding. For many of the guests who receive them it may be how they find out about the engagement as well. These invitations are packed full of important information. They are both vital for the guests and for the couple in regards to the value of the information. The couples can include a RSVP card with the invitations so they will have a better idea of how many guests intend to come to the wedding. The guests may be able to include any allergies or special food needs with the returned cards. You may also mention if the entire family is invited when you send your invitations so you can make provisions for the younger children. For the guests these cards hold the time, date and location. They also may give a hint of the wedding theme. We have had invitations that told us to dress for a beach themed wedding. They have also included a hint of a formal wedding by mentioning the wedding was a black tie affair. Weddings are all so different it is a nice touch when you have an idea of what the dress will be. We have had three invitations on our fridge at once which remind us of our schedules so we will not miss any of the wedded events.