It is the morning of our wedding and everything looks so good. We went through everything on our check list to make certain it was all in place. The church hall is so beautiful. You just want to walk through it because of the pathway that is lined for the wedding walk. The reception area looks so formal with the beautiful table settings and center pieces. It is all about the details. Having usedpersonalized napkins as opposed to regular napkins and having the flutes engraved all make the table look as it is. We even have monogrammed chargers on the tables for that extra something that brings it all together. I can not think of anything we left out of this wedding design that would have improved it in any way. That is the beauty of having my mom help. She and I are both perfectionists. Sometimes it can be a problem when we work together if we both have different visions. If we have the same vision it can be a masterpiece which is exactly what our wedding has turned into. Our guests are going to be very impressed with how beautiful everything turned out. I can hardly wait for everyone to see it. I will be so nervous I do not know if I will notice the guests. Time to put on my dress my wedding is just an hour away.