Having to downsize my wedding plans was a crushing blow. I realized that pushing so hard to achieve my goal was causing too much friction and I was not enjoying what should be one of the best moments of my life. I sat back down to the drawing table, as mom and dad put it, and began all over. Mom was a saint. She began researching how I could achieve what I wanted within a more realistic realm. At first I was skeptical. She began pointing out how many of the wedding decorations could be hand made. We could change the venue totally and have an outdoor wedding. It would be much more relaxed and the surroundings could help be part of the decorations. I wondered where she was planning. Naturally mom had a place on the agenda. I went to the city gardens with her and talked with the directors that were on site. It was perfect! There was a beautiful site with a nice pond which could be crossed during the ceremony. Swans, pond, cherry trees and black bamboo, who could ask for more? They even agreed to let us rent the inside patio area which is covered with a gazebo style covering for very little money.

Within a few months we had changed our plans, had mom’s old wedding dress cut off into a tea length dress which turned out perfectly and was more adaptable to the park surroundings and put together the reception with handmade table arrangements which were simple but elegant. My fiance and I spent more time together planning it and in the end it was the wedding of
my dreams. A new beginning all the way around was all we needed.