The invitations are mailed. The favors are all ordered and now we have the wedding decorations to consider. We have been giving this a lot of thought. As we have made our way through many magazines and stores that sell wedding items and even searching online we have been putting together an arsenal of items that we really liked. We would like to include them in our wedding design if we can. We know we want to get married outdoors. We are both outdoor people and being close to nature is a huge factor we wanted in our wedding. We would love to get married in the woods but that would cause too much hardship for some of our family members that are not nimble on their feet! We have a huge field picked out that is beside the church. We will be able to use the church for dressing because it is so close. The field will be perfect for our wedding and then the reception will be under a tent on the same field. The dinners will be plated and brought out to the tables because it is a large wedding. We felt that would eliminate some of the clusters of people because it will be more organized. When you are planning a large event you have to have order to it or it becomes a bottle neck of confusion. Because everyone will be dressed in really nice dresses we felt having the reception outdoors means we have to have a covered area. For that reason we have a huge ten rented that will have skylights. It is so pretty when it is set up. You can enjoy the outdoors and yet it is cozy as well.

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