I promised my mom and dad to keep my wedding spending to a minimum. I have
learned now never to make promises you can’t keep. Every move I make takes
more out of my budgeted allotment. I set the cap on my allowance, not my
parents. They told me it couldn’t be done for my estimation. I am trying
my best to prove them wrong. To make up extra money for the wedding I have
increased my work hours. This has been really hard because going to
school, working double and planning for a wedding is taking every bit of my
energy. I don’t know how long I can keep up with this pace, but now it is
a challenge to maintain my pride.

My fiance and I are biting at each others throats all of the time. The
stress and tension can be cut with a knife. I don’t have enough time to
sit and visit or be as we once were. Every time we take a night for the
movies or dinner, all I can think about is how much I could be getting done
towards the ceremony or how much money I could be making if I had of taken
that shift at work. He is getting really frustrated with me. Recently one
of my friends saw him out with another girl at lunch. According to her he
seemed to just be in a friendly mode. I was crushed but could easily
understand why he would do it. I wouldn’t want to be with me either since
I have turned into this female monster.

I truly believe I should swallow my pride, downsize the wedding from the
dress to the wedding favors and tell my parents they were right. I can’t
maintain my first promise to keep the allowance that I first estimated. I
suppose admitting you were wrong is the first step to maturity.

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